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27 Runs, 34 Hits

I’ve been pondering this 30 day free trial for awhile. I couldn’t think of a name though. I toyed with the idea of calling it Chin Music but, eh, that sounded weird. After tonight’s unforgettable comeback win though the name was supplied and I decided that now was as good a time as ever. Seeing Chacon last only an inning and a third was ugly and after a 9-1 deficit heading into the third (John Sterling summed it up nicely: "The Yankees are getting embarrased") I was pretty much as disinterested in baseball as I’ll ever be, but I reminded myself that the reason why I love the Yankees is their comeback victories. Those games are the most memorable and hoping for another glorious memory tonight I luckily chose to stick around and it paid off soon.

As a brief aside, my most recent memory of a comeback win involved Matsui. It was also Chacon’s first game with the Yankees last year. I think the ninth inning deficit was more than one run though, perhaps 4 or 5 even and I assume Frankie Rodriguez was pitching because it was the Angels they were playing. Anyway, I just remember Matsui lofting the game winning hit into the left center gap. Most likely there are a few more in between then and now but that’s the one I remember.

I’m not giving a recap since you can read the article written by some MLB reporter. A summary wouldn’t do this game justice anyway. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if it was game 7 of the World Series.

One reason for my early disinterest was because Phillips, Cairo and Cabrera were playing. However, they went a combined 6 for 14 and I believe it was Cairo who had the 2 out, go ahead single in the sixth. Posada’s homer was also a 2 out hit. Good stuff.

I love Torre and I normally don’t question his calls, but replacing Farnsworth with Rivera in the ninth seemed unnecessary. Farnsworth pitched a perfect eighth, with two Ks and less than ten pitches. Why couldn’t he pitch the ninth? If he got in trouble then Joe could bring in Mariano. And maybe I’m focusing on the negative outings but Mariano isn’t as unhittable as he once was. Broadcasters still say any hit he allows is rare but they really aren’t. He’s thrown 16 innings and surrendered 18 hits. Only 14 saves until 400 though. I think he has a chance to be the first to 500. He should only need 2 or 3 seasons after this one. Hoffman only needs 57 for 500 but he turns 39 this October. Anyway, that chase will be exciting, so if you are tired of Bonds desperately looking to hobble around the bases once more, look forward to Rivera and Hoffman chasing 500 career saves.

I’m really disappointed in Sturtz. I don’t know how many leads he blew, but there were a few that could’ve been avoided. In some way I think what Sturtz did is just as bad as a player taking steroids. By keeping his sore shoulder a secret Sturtz cheated his team out of at least a couple of wins. Anyway, no offense to Tanyon, but he isn’t missed.

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