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Yankees-Mets Live Blog

Yankees @ Mets, R.J. v. Jeremi Gonzales

Top 1st: Damon doubles. Jeter drives him home. Jeter steals second. Giambi walks. Stepping on the pressure pedal. Moving like clockwork.

A-Rod pulls one down the left field line. Jeter scores.

First Out: A-Rod tagged sliding into second (Sterling says the Mets catch a break, he was safe).

Giambi’s standing on third.

Second Out: Posada grounds out.

Giambi stays at third.

CANO DOUBLES, scoring the Giambino.


BERNIE DOUBLES, scoring Cano.


Cabrera is walked intentionally. R.J. takes the box with a 4 run lead.

Third Out: R.J. strikes out.


Bottom 1st: Reyes walks. Lo Duca drops a single into right. Reyes hustles to third.



Looks like we have a high scoring game on our hands. That lead was sweet while it lasted.

Delgado singles. Wright has a full count and…

First Out: Strikes out.

Second Out: Nady strikes out.

Third Out: Kazuo Matsui lines out to left.


Top 2nd: Damon leads off again.

First Out: Pops up on the first pitch.

We can’t let Jeremi have a quick inning.

Second Out: Jeter grounds out.

Third Out: Giambi called out on strikes.

Jeremi threw eight pitches. We helped him out there.

Bottom 2nd: Stinnett is replacing Posada. Don’t know why. Jorge just walked slowly back to the dugout and removed his gear. Torre is chatting with Cashman. Hopefully this isn’t a serious injury. Remember, Posada didn’t start yesterday.

Valentin has a full count and…he walks. R.J. is going to have a huge pitch total by the 4th. Jeremi puts down a sac bunt…

First Out: thrown out at first and Valentin advances to second.

Second Out: Reyes pops up to Jeter.

Valentin steals third with no throw.

Third Out: Lo Duca grounds out.

R.J.’s thrown 51 pitches.

Top 3rd: A-Rod draws a leadoff walk. HIT AND RUN. Stinnett singles. A-Rod to third.

The Mets broadcasters say Posada left with tightness in his back.

First Out: Cano flies to deep, deep center. A-Rod tags and scores. Stinnett remains at first.


Second Out: Bernie strikes out.

Melky singles on a hard hit up the middle. R.J. is batting. He reaches on an infield single. BASES LOADED, with two outs and Damon in the box.

Third Out: Damon flies out.


Bottom 3rd:

First Out: Strike three on Beltran.

Second Out: Delgado grounds out.

Wright singles. NADY HOMERS. R.J. … nooooooooooo!


Third Out: Kazuo Matsui flies to center. R.J.’s pitch count is 70.


Top 4th: JETER DOUBLES. Very good. MVP! He’s filling a huge void.

Willie Randolph signals for the southpaw. Darren Oliver takes the mound. Giambi HIT BY PITCH.


3rd                         1st

             Home                        2 on, 0 out

First Out: STRIKE THREEEEEE! Come on A-Rod.


3rd                         1st

             Home                        2 on, 1 out

Stinnett singles and we retake the lead! Giambi stops at second. Jeter scores.


Second Out: Cano flies out.

Bernie reaches on an infield single. BASES LOADED for Melky.

Third Out: He grounds out.


Bottom 4th: R.J.’s still on the mound.

First Out: Valentin grounds out, A-Rod to Giambi.

Second Out: Oliver strikes out.

Reyes singles up the middle. Takes a wide turn around first, jogs back.

During the at-bat Reyes is almost picked off! Caught between first and second. Cano chased him back to first instead of throwing to R.J. Otherwise he would’ve been out.

Reyes steals second. Lo Duca walks.

Third Out: Beltran flies to center.

Top 5th: R.J. is batting. I guess we’ll see him in the bottom half. His pitch count is at 87!

First Out: Strike three on R.J.

Second Out: Damon grounds out.

Third Out: Jeter lines out.

Bottom 5th: I don’t think R.J. will finish this inning.

First Out: Delgado strikes out. K #5

Wright drops a single into right.

Second Out: Nady grounds out, Cano to Giambi. Wright advances to second.

Kazuo Matsui singles. Wright scores.

6-6 We start all over again. R.J. is making this difficult. And A-Rod bobbles a ground ball! Valentin reaches on the error. Chris Woodward is pinch-hitting for Oliver the pitcher.

Third Out: Woodward grounds out.

R.J.’s thrown 113. Erickson’s in the bullpen.

1 RUN – 2 HITS

Top 6th: Run scoring time. Giambi leads off. Aaron Heilman’s on the mound.

First Out: Giambi strikes out. Bummer.

Second Out: A-Rod flies out to deep, deep right. Double bummer.

Third Out: Stinnett grounds out. Triple bummer.

Bottom 6th: Proctor takes the mound. Reyes walks.

First Out: Reyes caught stealing second. Huge play!

Second Out: Lo Duca flies out.

Third Out: Beltran grounds out.

Top 7th:

First Out: Cano Ks.

Second Out: Bernie grounds out.

Third Out: Melky pops up.

Three up, three down.

Bottom 7th:

First Out: Delgado grounds out.

Second Out: Wright Ks.

Third Out: Nady pops up to the catcher.

Proctor’s good.

Top 8th: Alright, top of the order. We gotta score. Kevin Reese pinch-hits for Proctor.

First Out: He grounds out on the first pitch.

Second Out: Damon strikes out. Oh my.

Third Out: Jeter grounds out.

Wow. Still tied, 6-6.

Bottom 8th: Farnsworth comes in.

First Out: Kazuo Matsui thrown out bunting on the first pitch.

Second Out: Valentin flies out to center.

Cliff Floyd pinch-hits for Heilman.

Third Out: Floyd flies to left.

Yeah Farnsworth!

Top 9th: Wagner enters to pitch. Alright Giambi, I demand a homerun.

First Out: He strikes out.

Second Out: A-Rod strikes out.

Third Out: Stinnett strikes out.

Bottom 9th: Rivera enters. He’s got to deal with the top of the order. I don’t like this move. I think Torre needs to use Farnsworth for both the 8th and 9th in these situations. Cairo replaces Giambi. I don’t see this as beneficial either.

First Out: Reyes grounds out, breaking his bat on Rivera’s cutter.


Second Out: BELTRAN Ks on the cutter!

They’re intentionally walking Delgado to face David Wright.

Wright hits one off the centerfield wall. Lo Duca scores. Bummer. Bummer.