…the "lefty specialist" comes in to pitch the bottom of the ninth of a tie ball game and with two strikes gives up a lead off double. Thanks dude! Then Torre brings in Dotel. Come on Joe! Stop messing around and just bring in Mariano.

Overall, this was an ugly game. The Angels made a couple errors, hit a batter and threw a couple wild pitches. We stranded 13 runners on base. Green got caught stealing in the ninth. Jaret was bad. A-Rod stunk. I shouldn’t pick on A-Rod though. Abreu and Cano didn’t help the effort either, going 2-for-10 and stranding 9 runners combined. Our fifth run scored on a wild pitch, so the offense was hurting the whole night. Villone and Proctor weren’t themselves either.

Alright, bases loaded and no out. If we survive this, then we have to win this game.

OMG! Is it just me or was Dotel’s 2-2 pitch to Napoli a no doubt strike?

Well, good night. We’ll get ’em tomorrow.

P.S. Is there something about Mo I’m unaware of? Did he injure his back again from lacing up his cleats? Or is Joe simply being frugal with his arm?


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