The Boston Series and Last Night’s 6-5 Loss to the M’s

Only in my wildest dreams did I figure the Yankees would sweep 5 games in Fenway. I was confident the Yankees would win the series, but didn’t expect luck to bless us all 5 games. And I have to say, when you sweep a 5 game set, a certain degree of luck aided you. And the Yankees got lucky. The Red Sox didn’t. I’m still wondering how this Red Sox team ever won 12 in a row, because their pitching looked awful this weekend. I’m not counting them out of the postseason, but if they do make it, there’s no way they’ll advance past the ALDS. And if they do make the postseason, their ticket will be the Wild Card. A 6.5 game lead isn’t Mount Everest, but the only way for the Sox to overtake us would be a combined Boston winning streak during a New York losing streak and I don’t see that happening. There also isn’t enough time for the Sox to peck their way back to first place. Unless the BoSox sweep the series at Yankee Stadium, they have no chance at winning the division. It all depends on what transpires between now and September 15th.

I don’t know where to begin. Every Yankee contributed to this series. Every Yankee except for Sidney Ponson, who’s been released I believe. At least I hope so. That was a failed experiment. Dotel, Wilson, Abreu, Fasano and Lidle all got their first taste of the Rivalry. And they all stepped up their game in the spotlight. I could go on about the series in depth, but I won’t because I know that everyone even remotely related to the Rivalry witnessed the games, or at the very least has heard the news.

Moving onto the West Coast, which saw a team with a 5 game winning streak square off against a team chugging an 11 game losing streak. It was like a high-speed train vs. a coal-fueled locomotive. The Yanks had multiple chances to win it, but an M’s victory was already in the cards. Jeff Karstens pitched great in his Major League debut, and I hope to see him take the mound again. Damon continued his hot hitting and is slowly approaching a .300 batting average. A-Rod and Abreu hit home runs. It would be absurd to pin the loss on Villone. His purpose wasn’t to win the game. It was to give the other bullpen arms a day of rest. It was a smart and safe move by Torre. And surrendering a game ending walkoff was the best thing Villone could’ve done. The whole team probably exhaled a sigh of relief afterwards. Going into extra innings would’ve been h-e-l-l after that Fenway Series. No need to ***** all the life out of our team yet. I wouldn’t mind losing this series actually if it meant giving key players a day or two off.   



  1. Jacob

    I, too, would like to see Karstens again. I’m a fan. We’ll see if he can keep it up.

    I’m not sure if I agree with the losing the series statement. One thing we’ve said about Boston for two straight seasons now is they have been unable to put the Yankees away when they were down. I don’t want anyone saying the Yankees couldn’t put the red Sox away. Boston will almost definitely drop 2 of 3 against the Angels. Let’s win 2 of 3 in Seattle and pick up another game.


  2. Charles

    I don’t agree with the opinion that the Red Sox failed at running away with first place when the Yankees were down. The Sox did their best. They won 12 in a row at one point. The reason why they never put the kibosh on the Yanks was because the Yanks didn’t let them. You can’t distance yourself when the team on your tail keeps winning.

    I still think resting key players while we have a big lead is important. More important than winning this series against Seattle. The Yankees can use this series to recuperate and get ready for two tough teams ahead, Anaheim and Detroit. This late in the season, resting players is necessary. And right now the time is perfect because of our 6.5 game lead. You’d rather sit out guys like Jeter, A-Rod, Damon, etc. while your lead is safe. If our lead was still 1.5, then resting players wouldn’t be an option. And remember, now that the Yankees have won the season series against Boston, you can add a game to our division lead since a tie would go our way.

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