Double Header: 2nd Game

To be honest, I didn’t expect us to win Game Two. We had our fun in the afternoon. Winning at Fenway just a few hours later with Ponson starting for us? There’s just no way. Sweeping a double header is hard enough. To do it on the road is even harder. Ponson doesn’t inspire confidence either. And the fatigue level of our bullpen must’ve sky-rocketed off the charts. With that said, I’m overjoyed that I stuck around. 25 runs and 34 hits later, the Yankees have started this series with an exclamation point. And it was a point well made.

Like I expected, Ponson got pummelled. 78 pitches in 3 innings? That’s not good, Sidney. Neither are 9 hits and 7 runs. I can’t believe Villone came in. He’s pitched four straight days now! There’s no way he’ll pitch another game for at least a week. And after pitching 1 2/3 innings in Game One, Proctor inherited runners at 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs in the 7th inning of Game Two, and washed away the threat with a lazy fly ball. He then stayed in and pitched a perfect 8th inning. Incredible. I love you, Proctor. So much of this win is due to the bullpen. Even after our breakout 7th inning, a 4 run lead with 3 innings left for Boston to bat still made me nervous. It just seemed like the odds were against us holding on to win it. Sure, Villone let a few of Ponson’s runners score and then Bruney let a few of Villone’s runners score, but Bruney ended up recording 5 outs for us. He shows up at a moment’s notice for the first time as a Yankee, and pitches a scoreless inning against Baltimore. Then he follows it up with 3 strike outs in 1 2/3 innings against Boston. Way to go man! Let’s not forget Myers who ends up with the win. Only pitched 2/3 of an inning, but it was a valuable 2/3. I hope Farnsworth is okay after that line drive. He’s taken a number of liners off his body in the past and so far hasn’t missed a significant amount of time because of them. To cap off the nightcap, Mariano enters his domain and scoring 4 runs off him is impossible. Maybe a run or two if you’re lucky, but 4 runs? Forget about it. Overall, I was impressed by the bullpen.

I don’t even know where to start with the offense. 8 2-out RBIs. 6 doubles. 8 walks and 17 hits. The Yankees went into October, do-or-die mode. They were playing like it was Game 7 of the ALCS. My two favorite moments of the game were in the 7-run 7th inning. With the bags juiced and 1 out, Melky worked a full count against Timlin. The score was 10-7 in Boston’s favor and Melky, who’s only a year older than me, delivered an RBI single. No way I could handle that pressure. But he did, like a true veteran. It’s one more reason why he must, and I repeat must, remain a Yankee. Then, following a Damon pop out, Jeter was faced with a full count and 2-out situation. So tense! So unbelievably tense! The Fenway Faithful realize how big a batter this is and rise to their feet. They’re a strike away from leaving with the lead, but aided by my shouts and yippies (and yours, too!), Jeter delivered a bases clearing double to give us a lead that we wouldn’t lose. Our Captain kicked some as*! It was his only hit of the night, but boy was it perfect timing. 2-outs, full count, bases loaded, down 2 runs….and Mr. Jeter does it again. Holy cow! Follow that up with an intentional walk to Abreu, a double for A-Rod, and a single for Cano, and the Yankees make their point.

As great as today feels, we have to focus on Games Three, Four and Five now. There’s still a chance we lose the series, but even in that scenario, first place in the East remains ours. I’m not forgetting how good a team these Red Sox are, so I’m ready for anything to happen in the next three games. Let’s just hope Saturday’s game doesn’t go extra innings.


One comment

  1. Jason

    The 7th inning of last night’s game was awesome. Melky is a mastre of fouling off 2-strike pitches and getting that base hit. He was on base all 5 times last night. 5 times baby. The 2-out hits were nice to see. Let’s keep that timely hitting going.

    And I agree not to put these games in the bag. We all know how 2004 ended.


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