Yankees Lose But Melky Makes Nice Grab and Jeter Makes it 2,001

Royals 7 – Yankees 6
I said in my last post that if the Royals beat the Yankees it’s simply because they’re due for a win. The baseball gods are desperate to end KC’s skid so they’ll get all the lucky bounces and all the close calls. Well, it happened the other way. The Yankees were just outplayed. It happens. In fact, the Royals should be given credit because they didn’t get lucky. The Yanks fought and the Royals fought back. They get a big W.

Damon, Jeter, Giambi and A-Rod had multiple hits. That’s a collective 9 for 15. You’d think enough for a win, but apparently not. Mussina allowed 3 runs in 6 innings. Not his best. He’s performed better against better teams. It got bad when Farnsworth allowed a three run bomb. Bummer. That was probably the only mistake of the night. Well, striking out Ortiz on Wednesday is enough for me. I forgive him.

It was Scott Elarton’s first win of the year. His numbers are poor, especially the homeruns, but he’s had a few nice outings. The most incredible is when he allowed only 3 runs through 8 innings to the White Sox. A few starts later he shutout the Twins through 7, scattering 3 hits. And once again facing the White Sox he allowed 3 hits and 1 run in 6 innings.

So 4 earned runs and 10 hits in 6 innings against the Yankees is Elarton at his worst. We’re lucky the good Elarton didn’t show up.

Mussina pitched the same amount. I don’t think he allowed a basehit before or after the 2nd inning. Were it not for a high pitch count Mussina could’ve made it 7 innings. He only had 1 bad inning, the 2nd when the Royals hit him 4 times for 3 runs.

The other game I caught was the Cubs v. Atlanta. The Cubs were ahead 5-3 in the 9th. Zambrano carried a no-hitter through 6 2/3. How’d the Braves win? The story goes…

Baker brings in his closer Ryan Dempster. His first pitch is roped into right. The next batter slaps one into left. A wild pitch moves both runners up a bag. The next batter walks. Bases loaded, no outs. Renteria walks. Cubs are ahead 5-4, but the bases are still juiced and there’s no out. Dempster gets Chipper to whiff for strike three and Wrigley exhales a sigh of relief. The Cubbies are a double play away from pulling off a win. But Andruw Jones flies out to deep center to drive in the tieing run. The relay throw to the infield pops out of Neifi’s glove so a Brave tries for the plate. The runner might have been out if Michael Barrett was 12 feet tall. The throw is airmailed to the backstop. Braves lead 6-5. Brian Jordan flies out to end the torture. The Wrigley boo birds circle overhead the Cubbie prey.

Well, a hard loss for the Cubs. And a hard one for the Yankees. So it goes.

Fireman Watch
Today saw three blown saves: Dempster (3), Turnbow (2) and Francisco Cordero (7). And 4 converted saves: Frankie Rodriguez (12), Otsuka (7) and Nathan (6). Papelbon retired one batter with a 4 run lead to save his 17th. Not much of a save if you ask me, but whatever. He could’ve done it with the bases loaded and no out and a one run lead.


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